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by Union Grove

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Echo ~ I was up too late last night Thinking about some things That shouldn’t matter anymore At least according to my friends I just don’t know when to let things end My father says I want more than other men Even if it makes me poor Refuse to compromise or to comply Choke on my pride ‘cause it’s my life, I swear It’s mine, I swear It’s still my life I swear, it’s mine But the echo Rings loud and hollow We set sail in different seas You in belief And I in melody Sometimes in memory It gets too loud when my brain's empty I’ll drown in the voices that surround me Placing songs in bottles when they’re empty It’s been months since we last spoke And you know, it’s fine with me If we wait a couple more I guess things are fine again I wish you well with your perfect plans I understand You wanted more than this man And the things he can’t afford It’s not like you were wrong and I was right Choke on the lie I said that night, I swear It’s mine, I’ll bear it all my life I swear, it’s mine But the echo Rings loud and hollow Inside
Sunday 03:50
I called to say I would be around It's been awhile since I've been in town This week has got me feeling down Next to you, without a sound Breathing in, exhale with the swell Hear the waves roll inside my shell Can't complain, or so I tell myself Said too much when I wished you well Maybe this is what I deserve You always told me that one day I'd learn But it's Sunday yet again Hearing voices in my head And they're telling me to go home Just go home, just go home
Ole Darlene 04:54
Ole' Darlene: There’s a matter of utmost importance That we must discuss If time is a river, do you feel your body rust? As the waves crest the shore And the clouds rain fire down We’ll swear that we’re up, cause we won’t be counted out We’re getting older With the buildings all around us They tore down the playground Where we learned what we were made of Let’s get out of this town, Darlene The prairie’s so pretty at dusk I break my fast on backroads With my friends, we’re all scared So we run for our lives Cause they’re slipping through our fingers And the radio, no it don’t play The songs we like anyway Favors more than a few That we owe and we’re due Never mattered that much Between me and you If we must go to war I will sharpen my sword The cavalries’ coming If you’ll just close the damn door We chased the sunset Nothing else we’d rather do We got lost in the grove That’s why this one’s for you Let’s get out of this old town, Darlene The prairie’s our playground at dusk I know one day I’m gonna die But I’ll always remember these nights I know someday everyone dies But we’ll always remember these night (I’ve counted my blessings And hoped for the best But still I lie awake here Expecting the worst)


Demos of our finished songs. (There will be official recordings released ASAP)


released October 5, 2015

Written By: Union Grove
Recorded & Mixed: Jason "Skippy" Borntrager, Dolan J. Heard, Ricky Lewis


all rights reserved



Union Grove Greenville, Illinois

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